How to Bet on Sports Online

Betting on SportsSportsbooks are becoming increasingly common on the Internet today. They’re especially popular in established European nations, where football and other national sport betting is a social norm and becoming increasingly popular amongst a wider range of age segments. However, what’s involved in betting on sports online? Let’s take a look.

Finding a Reputable Bookie

Sportsbooks, or “bookies” as they’re commonly referred, take bets for organized events like sports. Because of its increasing popularity, though, players need to be on the lookout for fraudulent bookies who seek to prey on the trusting nature of gamblers. This is best avoided by sticking with well-known, sometimes national names in the industry who have made their starts in brick and mortar shops – something that’s still prevalent to this day. For the most part, though, these national names in sportsbooking have recognized the need to diversify their options and expand their betting options to the Internet, which have guided the launch of branded online sportsbooks catering to the needs of betters in the digital age.

This isn’t to say that some of the online only options are bad ones. Quite the opposite in fact. Sometimes players might find the best possible odds for their chosen events and games by sticking with one of the lesser-known names in sportsbooking. However, players need to be especially careful when they’re following this route. These lesser-known names don’t have the established reputation that some of the leading names have, which might cause players to expose themselves unnecessarily to fraud. It’s sometimes better to stick to what’s known for reduced returns in exchange for the enhanced level of security involved.

Placing a Bet

Once players have settled on a chosen bookie, then it’s up to them to place their bets. This is usually a simple process including searching for their chosen event, checking the odds, and placing a cash value bet and awaiting the results of that particular event. Should players win, then the bookie will pay out the bet according to the odds and credit that winning to the player’s account. However, a loss is a sweep for the house.

Making Deposits

Before players can actually begin their experience in sports betting, they must first make a cash deposit to the platform. This is usually the first step in the sign up procedure after filling in personal information and agreeing to various security checks to help prevent fraud and criminal activity. Players will usually be presented with a variety of payment options; including deposits by credit card and PayPal, which players select and credit their accounts using their chosen means. In the case of credit card deposits, the transfer is instant and players can get to making their bets immediately. However, other methods like PayPal might require manual verification and bets might be delayed until the funds have been approved and cleared.

Sign Up Bonuses

Many bookies offer sign up bonuses, which is quite similar to what happens in the online casino world. This allows players to make casual bets on lesser events or get involved with practice bets in order to familiarize themselves with how sportsbooking works and how the platform operates. For the most part, these sign up bonuses won’t convert themselves into actual usable money unless players satisfy a host of requirements and play over a long period of time.

Staying Safe Using Sportsbooks

Players should follow standard safety procedures when making bets using a sportsbook like they would when playing on an online casino. They shouldn’t share their passwords with other users, shouldn’t openly disclose sensitive financial information in any associated chat room, and should make active attempts to secure their computers like using an anti virus program.

Tips For Betting on Hockey Games

NHL LogoWith the NHL season fast approaching, sports fans are approaching sportsbooks with the prospect of hitting it big on their favourite hockey teams. This is certainly a good way to get started in the world of sports betting, but what should prospective gamblers know about betting on hockey games this season?

Avoid Playoff Action

Yes, it’s usually wisest to completely avoid the playoff season in its later stages. This is because the odds become clearly skewed towards the most dominant team that’s likely going to win, which will cause the lowest odds and consequently the lowest payouts should players win their bets. However, if players get involved with the playoffs during the earliest stages, then their chances for seeing greater odds is far higher than they would in the latest parts of the tournament.

The best time to get involved in the pot is right at the very beginning of the playoffs. This is the most uncertain point since the divisions haven’t played through their regional contests before reaching towards two finalists. For the most part, there will be clear favourites in the tournament as there are in any sporting event, but these favourites won’t be as clearly defined. One of the lesser-favoured teams could come out from the darkness and give players a significant return on their initial bet if they time their bets wisely. This is also true if a formerly favourite team is struggling, which causes bookies to increase the returns provided for that particular team for new bets. It’s a risky strategy for them, but is certainly worth keeping in mind.

Choose Exhibition Matches

Exhibition matches tend to be waged at far higher odds than those in organized tournaments. This is true of hockey as well. Players should stick with early season contests in order to get their bets rolling, which tend to be more rewarding over the short term than a more organized season-long bet.

Choose Familiar Teams

Players often get involved with the entire sports betting process simply because they’re interested in a particular team and already follow their season of play. This is a great reason to get involved and show support for a particular team and helps avoid flagrant disregard for the betting procedure, like betting on foreign games with limited appeal. While these are available to players and bookies often entice betters with higher rates of return, they’re generally avoided due to questionable ethics and officiating outside of organized western leagues.

Bet Within Your Limits

This is as true for casino players as it is those who get involved with sports betting. Players should only approach the game with fixed figures in mind for how much they’re willing to bet and stick to those bets rigidly. There’s little point betting what players can’t afford to lose, since sports betting and other gambling-related things are loss leaders by nature. Players should only use the funds that are available specifically for betting activities and not bet any personal resources that are required for day to day living.

There’s also little point in borrowing money to help with gambling pursuits. While this might release a short term amount of funds that can be used temporarily, they won’t go a long way in ensuring players remain financially stable in gambling pursuits for long. Sports betting and casinos require liquid funds that aren’t tied to any sort of line of credit or interest rates that can soon exceed what players are actually earning. It’s just not worth it in the long term.

Follow the Action

Players who get involved with sportsbooking often fall into the trap of betting on other national teams that they have little interest in following simply because they’re offering good rates of return. The premise behind betting on sports is to follow the game; giving it an added bit of excitement. There’s little reason to start betting wildly on every game that’s played simply because it’s being played. Players should enjoy their betting experiences and any returns that come from them!

Which Sportsbook Should I Join?

With the rising popularity in sports betting that’s taking place as of late, players are often wondering where they should deposit their cash and how they should go about making their first sports bets. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities an ideal sportsbook should possess along with some other guidelines that players should follow.


One of the leading factors players should consider before joining an online sportsbook is the reputation it brings to the industry as a whole. A good way to find out about the reputation of sportsbooks is to use Google and read reputable gambling watchdog websites. If it is something that’s just starting up, then players should approach it with caution. Players might be enticed by a particular bookie that’s offering odds above the industry norm as a way of building its player base, but there are far too many established names in the sportsbook game to consider these lesser-known bookies. It is usually better to exchange a lower return for enhanced security when it comes to the betting process. This is especially true of online gambling pursuits where casinos or bookies can open and shut down in a matter of moments due to the ever changing laws surrounding digital games and even fraudulent vendors (more about this at

Security Measures

Further to finding an established name, players should also look into what sort of security measures are in place to help protect their deposits. Players should only make deposits on platforms where there is a high degree of encryption being made available to them and their transactions, which helps prevent information being accessed by fraudulent parties through hacking or other means. It will also help prevent account seizures by hackers who can make off with quite a considerable amount of cash.

Shield for SecurityOf course, security also lies in the hands of players, too. Players should make active attempts to secure their own systems. This includes never sharing passwords with other users and not leaving games logged on in between play. It would also be wise to avoid leaving large deposits within an account, too. Players should aim to only keep what they intend to bet within their accounts at all times, which would limit any losses should the worst happen.

It would also be wise for players to invest in adequate security software, such as those found commercially available in specialist computer stores. This will help prevent any rogue viruses affecting a player’s account and their ability to access their winnings. At the very least, players should consider using a free-to-use anti virus suite as these are widely available on the Internet today and are often held as comparable to their paid-for counterparts.

Withdrawal Methods

Players should also look towards the available withdrawal methods that a sportsbook offers, since they’ll be what they use to access any potential winnings. For the most part, players usually stick with withdrawing as a credit to a credit card rather than as a cash transfer for spending elsewhere. However, this doesn’t mean it should be the only option available and methods like PayPal, E-Check, and bank transfers should also be provided as standard.