Payment Options

Payment OptionOnce you’ve chosen the best online sports betting site for you to become an active member of, your next step will be to download any necessary software, register for an account and deposit your funds. It’s very important for you to be sure to register with all your correct information. Otherwise, you run the risk of being removed from the site and losing any bonus money you may have earned.

Speaking of bonuses, you want to learn about all the ones you are eligible for. Always make sure you read the fine print, follow the directions to the letter and keep track of the bonuses so you can contact customer support if need be. When it comes to depositing funds, or cashing out, you’ll need to use a US friendly banking method.

What to Look for

Funding your sports betting account and withdrawing your money from that account, isn’t as hard as it once was for those located in the United States. However, you will still need to make sure you are going with a method that offers you convenience, protected transactions, timely deposits and cashouts with no legal issues.

You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t overpaying to use a payment option. While you may have more limited options than sports bettors in other regions, you still want to be treated fairly and not allow yourself to be taken advantage of.


Before you decide on one of the payment options for U.S. sports bettors, you want to make sure you’ve researched it completely. Read the available information offered on the sports betting site. Verify that you are okay with the processing times, the fees and any other fine print. Then, consider going to a second source and verifying that the payment option is considered to be a reliable and secure one.

Consider Bonuses

In some cases, you may be able to enjoy a bonus for making a deposit or withdrawal using a certain payment method. Don’t let the bonus be your only reason for choosing that method. The bonus should be an added benefit of using one of the methods you would have chosen to use anyway. However, you want to know about the bonus, understand just what you need to do to earn it and put it to good use.

Deposit Methods for U.S. Players

Credit cards – Credit cards are the most convenient methods you can choose to use for your deposits. Also, they may be the ones you feel the most secure and familiar with, since you probably use yours for many other online tasks. Many times, Visa and MasterCard can be used by U.S. sports bettors.

Prepaid Credit Cards – If your regular cards are denied, you can try using a prepaid credit card. You can purchase one at most stores and you can generally add funds to them at the store, over the Internet and/or by telephone. The convenient thing about these cards is you can add more money to them when you need to make another deposit, so you won’t need to get a new card each time.

Western Union – Western Union may be another great option for you to use to fund your online sports betting account. Western Union is a money transfer company with locations around the globe. You can transfer funds by going to the Western Union branch closest to you and wiring the money. Make sure you keep your receipt that has a 10-digit transaction number on it, you may need to email this to the betting site if there are any questions about the transfer.

MoneyGram – MoneyGram is another money transfer company with branches worldwide. You may be able to use this service to fund your sports betting account. MoneyGram works much in the same way as Western Union. You can go to the branch, make the deposit and give your deposit number to the sports betting site.

Bitcoin – More online casinos and sports betting sites have added Bitcoin as an accepted payment option that’s also available to those in the U.S. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that’s been gaining popularity since it first appeared in 2009.

Withdrawal Methods for U.S. Players

Check – When it comes to making your withdrawals, having a check sent to you is the safest and most secure payment option. Most sites will cut you a check without charging you a fee. If there is a fee, then you’ll find it to be very small. Once you get your check, you can deposit it in your bank just as you normally would and with no repercussions.

Once you have found the best sports betting site and decided on safe U.S. friendly payment options, you can start taking advantage of all the opportunities that site will provide you with.