Tips For Betting on Hockey Games

NHL LogoWith the NHL season fast approaching, sports fans are approaching sportsbooks with the prospect of hitting it big on their favourite hockey teams. This is certainly a good way to get started in the world of sports betting, but what should prospective gamblers know about betting on hockey games this season?

Avoid Playoff Action

Yes, it’s usually wisest to completely avoid the playoff season in its later stages. This is because the odds become clearly skewed towards the most dominant team that’s likely going to win, which will cause the lowest odds and consequently the lowest payouts should players win their bets. However, if players get involved with the playoffs during the earliest stages, then their chances for seeing greater odds is far higher than they would in the latest parts of the tournament.

The best time to get involved in the pot is right at the very beginning of the playoffs. This is the most uncertain point since the divisions haven’t played through their regional contests before reaching towards two finalists. For the most part, there will be clear favourites in the tournament as there are in any sporting event, but these favourites won’t be as clearly defined. One of the lesser-favoured teams could come out from the darkness and give players a significant return on their initial bet if they time their bets wisely. This is also true if a formerly favourite team is struggling, which causes bookies to increase the returns provided for that particular team for new bets. It’s a risky strategy for them, but is certainly worth keeping in mind.

Choose Exhibition Matches

Exhibition matches tend to be waged at far higher odds than those in organized tournaments. This is true of hockey as well. Players should stick with early season contests in order to get their bets rolling, which tend to be more rewarding over the short term than a more organized season-long bet.

Choose Familiar Teams

Players often get involved with the entire sports betting process simply because they’re interested in a particular team and already follow their season of play. This is a great reason to get involved and show support for a particular team and helps avoid flagrant disregard for the betting procedure, like betting on foreign games with limited appeal. While these are available to players and bookies often entice betters with higher rates of return, they’re generally avoided due to questionable ethics and officiating outside of organized western leagues.

Bet Within Your Limits

This is as true for casino players as it is those who get involved with sports betting. Players should only approach the game with fixed figures in mind for how much they’re willing to bet and stick to those bets rigidly. There’s little point betting what players can’t afford to lose, since sports betting and other gambling-related things are loss leaders by nature. Players should only use the funds that are available specifically for betting activities and not bet any personal resources that are required for day to day living.

There’s also little point in borrowing money to help with gambling pursuits. While this might release a short term amount of funds that can be used temporarily, they won’t go a long way in ensuring players remain financially stable in gambling pursuits for long. Sports betting and casinos require liquid funds that aren’t tied to any sort of line of credit or interest rates that can soon exceed what players are actually earning. It’s just not worth it in the long term.

Follow the Action

Players who get involved with sportsbooking often fall into the trap of betting on other national teams that they have little interest in following simply because they’re offering good rates of return. The premise behind betting on sports is to follow the game; giving it an added bit of excitement. There’s little reason to start betting wildly on every game that’s played simply because it’s being played. Players should enjoy their betting experiences and any returns that come from them!