Which Sportsbook Should I Join?

With the rising popularity in sports betting that’s taking place as of late, players are often wondering where they should deposit their cash and how they should go about making their first sports bets. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities an ideal sportsbook should possess along with some other guidelines that players should follow.


One of the leading factors players should consider before joining an online sportsbook is the reputation it brings to the industry as a whole. A good way to find out about the reputation of sportsbooks is to use Google and read reputable gambling watchdog websites. If it is something that’s just starting up, then players should approach it with caution. Players might be enticed by a particular bookie that’s offering odds above the industry norm as a way of building its player base, but there are far too many established names in the sportsbook game to consider these lesser-known bookies. It is usually better to exchange a lower return for enhanced security when it comes to the betting process. This is especially true of online gambling pursuits where casinos or bookies can open and shut down in a matter of moments due to the ever changing laws surrounding digital games and even fraudulent vendors (more about this at http://www.legitgamblingsites.com/).

Security Measures

Further to finding an established name, players should also look into what sort of security measures are in place to help protect their deposits. Players should only make deposits on platforms where there is a high degree of encryption being made available to them and their transactions, which helps prevent information being accessed by fraudulent parties through hacking or other means. It will also help prevent account seizures by hackers who can make off with quite a considerable amount of cash.

Shield for SecurityOf course, security also lies in the hands of players, too. Players should make active attempts to secure their own systems. This includes never sharing passwords with other users and not leaving games logged on in between play. It would also be wise to avoid leaving large deposits within an account, too. Players should aim to only keep what they intend to bet within their accounts at all times, which would limit any losses should the worst happen.

It would also be wise for players to invest in adequate security software, such as those found commercially available in specialist computer stores. This will help prevent any rogue viruses affecting a player’s account and their ability to access their winnings. At the very least, players should consider using a free-to-use anti virus suite as these are widely available on the Internet today and are often held as comparable to their paid-for counterparts.

Withdrawal Methods

Players should also look towards the available withdrawal methods that a sportsbook offers, since they’ll be what they use to access any potential winnings. For the most part, players usually stick with withdrawing as a credit to a credit card rather than as a cash transfer for spending elsewhere. However, this doesn’t mean it should be the only option available and methods like PayPal, E-Check, and bank transfers should also be provided as standard.